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Let us answer all your lingering questions!

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  • What kind of equipment would you recommend my dog wear on our big day?
    The equipment worn by the dog is completely up to you and your preferences but we can suggest that you pick equipment that is not to bulky or in the way, otherwise that will be front and center in your photos. If your dog need to wear a head halter for handling purposes, we can switch them over to a standard collar for pictures. But for the most part, think about your color scheme and sometime simple like a leather leash and collar can go a long way!
  • I know this isn't dog training but what kind of training techniques to you use?
    I am SO happy that you asked this question! While these services do not incorporate any training, the way that we interact and work with your dog still very much apply! We use all positive reinforcement training techniques and tools which will allow us to quickly build a strong trusting relationship with your dog. We treat each dog as if they were our own!
  • Do you charge for mileage?
    As long as your dog is staying within the Des Moines area and your venue is also within that area, we do not charge for mileage but if either one of these is outside of our designated area then we do charge .55/mile.
  • How will you safely transport my dog?
    Safety is our number one concern, so we transport all dogs in crates or with seatbelt clips. We want to get your 4-legged family member to and from in a safe manner and depending on their size is how we pick the transportation method.
  • Will you be using food?
    Food is a very important tool that we use to reinforce behaviors that we like and hope our dog keeps performing. Food is even more important when we are trying to create a quick, trusting relationship with your dog. You are more than welcome to provide treats for your dog, otherwise we can come prepared. You will need to communicate any dietary concerns or allergies (dog or people), so we know the appropriate food to pack!
  • On our wedding day who will you communicate with?
    We understand the stress and pressure that can be put on the couple the day of their wedding and thus we prefer to communicate with a 3rd party who will be at the venue on the big day. It is important to have a point of contact just in case! We will get all this information from you before the big day!
  • Will we get to meet you before our wedding?
    It is very important to us that you feel comfortable with us handling and taking care of your dog, so we have built in a meet and greet to our Doggie Date Package. If you are not local to the Des Moines area then we can do a Zoom call to get to know each other!
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